Goal Setting & Preperation

My partner Liam and I set up our spare room as a gym the other night, mostly old equipment in there currently but we’re hoping to add a bench and some weights shortly. I have written down my goals for the next few months (up to running my first Half Marathon) and have placed them on my motivation board along with some new motivational quotes. Having my goals and positive words up on a wall that I see every day is something that really helped me through the 20 Week Challenge I did last year and to be honest I haven’t been using it very much lately – got to get back into it!


Kate (my PT) gave all her clients some Christmas homework to try to complete over these couple of weeks, after todays home gym circuit I’m pleased to say I only have a couple left (a hill track & a circuit) which I will be doing tomorrow, the circuit will be with a group of awesome ladies from Pumped.

For me this week, my biggest challenge has been getting out the door and back into routines I had sorted a few months ago. Moving in with Liam a couple of months ago was a big change for me and I found I easily started to get out of my early morning routine. I’d then think too much about my afternoon exercise during the day and it was harder and harder to get things done. This makes me think back to a quote I had to come up with during the 100 Day Challenge which is basically bit from a couple of my favorite quote merged together.

“Don’t think, just put your damn gear on and go for it”

A part of today was spent preparing for the new working year, I made up some more muesli and did some work in my new vege garden (I was pretty excited to plant my spinach seeds – my favorite leafy green!)



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