It’s official the holiday is over :(

Back into the work routine today, I admit getting up early this morning was a struggle! After what seemed like one of the longest workdays ever I put my running gear on and headed out to the beautiful Hagley Park for a run.


It was only a 3km run (coming back from injury) but it felt like a very long time since my last one – and I loved it! It’s strange when you get out routine with something getting back into it seems insanely hard, it’s like your brain forgets that you actually enjoyed the task and instead remembers it to be a boring and hard task.

I arrived home from my run and remembered “The Boss’ aka Kate had set us homework for the week: Complete the following circuit 4 times by Sunday – may as well get No.1 ticked off tonight! Must admit I’m really enjoying using the home gym for stuff like this!
100 High knees
90 Cycles
80 Jump lunges
70 Star jumps
60 Wide/narrow squat jumps
50 Step ups
40 Dips
30 Press ups
20 Aeroplane Abs
10 Burpees

Run done, Circuit done: Foam Roller – oh how I’ve missed you my old friend!

For some reason after a warm & very pretty windy run my dinner tasted magical so I had to share it with you. I made a avocado pasta dish with salmon and various greens YUM! 


I’ve been spending a bit of time this evening going through my music and creating an awesome new running playlist. After going for my run I remembered how bored I am of the current tunes on my phone – it’s not going to make going for runs any easier if I’m not enjoying the music! Any suggestions are welcomed 🙂

First PT session of the year tomorrow morning before work and there are mixed feelings currently: excited because I haven’t had a PT with Kate for a few weeks now… nervous because a few weeks off and a bit of indulgence in the holidays means I probably will struggle to pick up where I left off…

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