Eeeek I’ve signed up for my first Half!!

Today I did it… I officially signed up for my first Half Marathon. 21.1 freaking km. This has brought up a mixture of feelings: excited, nervous, determined, scared… Entering when you are currently only running a few km at a time is a bit scary but I’ve run 10km before, that’s pretty much half right?! I’ll be fine!…

Screen shot 2014-01-07 at 8.50.05 PM

Half way through my 20 week challenge last year I ran my first 10km at the Christchurch Airport Marathon (a few days before I injured myself the first time argh!). That day was an interesting experience all in all. I didn’t struggle as much as I imagined I would but watching the top athletes run was almost mesmerizing. The 10km race was an out and back course so as the likes of my two awesome running buddies and myself were slowly getting closer to the turnaround point we started to see some athletes coming back. Their determination, power and muscle was incredible! They all still seemed calm and collected like they were just out for a leisurely stroll, just a very fast one haha.

Screen shot 2014-01-03 at 10.10.57 AM

This morning’s session with Kate was great. We started with some boxing to warm up and then focused on Bench Press (Smith machine), Leg Press & Lat Pull with a mixture of reps (think step taps/box jumps/dips/press ups/ski jumps over a bench and other ‘fun’ things) in the middle of each set. I managed to better or equal all my weights before Christmas for each one so pretty happy about that! As it’s the beginning of a new month Kate made me write down two goals to achieve sometime before the end of Jan and put them in her Goal Jar. I picked a couple that I’ve been able to do before but have gone backwards on and am planning to knock them off my list by the end of next week:
Plank a minimum of 2mins (currently up to 1.33mins)
Run 5km (Ran 3km today)

Liam joined me on my run this evening, we ran slightly slower than I did yesterday (my fault, not his) weaving in and out of the streets around our house. I must admit I enjoy running in the shade of the trees at the park better than on the streets, there wasn’t any shade on the run tonight! What made my day though was that Liam thanked me for dragging him out and then said that he’d join me on all my runs, to which I answered well you may as well run the half with me – he’s actually thinking about it – would be his first one too! 🙂

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