Slowly speeding up!

I bumped up my run to 4km this evening, could have gone longer which is a good sign but my calf has been a bit grizzly over the last week so I’m trying not to increase too quickly and re-injure myself like I did last year. It was a lovely evening in the Garden City for a run with Liam however this meant that my new running playlist still hasn’t been used yet. All that work!!


I am not a fast runner by any means, toward the end of last year my average was around 7min per km so my first time related goal this year was to run 5km in 32 ½mins or less. This week so far I’ve been averaging between 6.15-6.40min per km which I’m pretty happy about and it means I’m much closer to my goal than I expected I would be. I am now aiming to tick this off my list when I run my first 5km of the year on Sunday – by the looks of today’s results below I’m sure I can do it 🙂 There may have to be a new time goal to achieve very shortly!

A big thanks has to go to Liam for helping me improve my speed. Although I’m mad that he can basically go the whole two years I’ve known him without going running (he does however play social cricket & hockey in their respective seasons) and then join me twice and complain that I’m so slow… he has helped me pick up my pace for which I am grateful for!

ImageAfter feeling pretty happy with my run time tonight I finished the evening with various medicine ball exercises and am about to go find my foam roller. Tomorrow is ‘rest day’ but I need to knock another circuit off my weekly homework from my PT plus I’m meeting a friend for a walk after work so it won’t be a complete rest day for me.

Off topic I know but in the past two days lots of tents and fencing have turned up at Hagley Park for the World Buskers Festival. I have tickets to a couple of the evening shows pre-booked and am pretty excited to see it all starting to be set up!



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