Oh my… Legs & Butt Week!

The Boss gave us more homework this week, the main star being a Legs & Butt Circuit which we need to try to complete as many times as we can:
20 Step ups
20 Jump/lunge squats
20 Jump lunges
20 Wide/narrow squat jumps
20 Knee repeaters on each side
20 Deep wide squats
20 Wide squat jumps
20 Two feet jump forward into a deep squat, two little jumps back
20 Lunge hops each leg
20 Burpees
1min  Squat hold
1min Squat pulses
(Everyone who’s done one so far is cursing it)

I also have to do 162 press ups (my age x 3 and because I’m under 30 I have to double it), 100 walking lunges and increase my plank by 5sec every day.

I was pretty exhausted when I got home from work last night I skipped my run but today I’m back on track with circuit. It was a good session (even though I’m still suffering from DOMs after back to back PT & Boxing class on Monday) and she put emphasis on Legs & Butt week by starting with 100 deep squats. Phewf! Our circuit was broken up tonight: We’d do two stations followed by a short run and some interval reps outside (20secs fast, 10sec rest x4). You guessed it… the majority of these reps were legs & butt related – the squat pulses near the end seemed to get everyone.

I’ve been a bit excited the last couple of days about my upcoming half marathon (even though it’s still 16 ½ weeks away) but between Kate sending out details yesterday for our weekend trip away and St Clair posting beautiful pictures of the vineyards we are going to be running in it’s been good motivation. Check out a couple of the pictures on the front page of their website.


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