Running Hi-Fives could easily end badly…

Today I had a 6km run on my schedule. Some of the Pumped group were meeting at the park for a time trial run but I had agreed to help a friend move house tonight so I had to be at the park a little bit earlier. Little disappointed I missed out on doing a run with everyone but hopefully it will happen on a regular basis! I ended up running the opposite way to them all near the end of my run they started passing, got a high five from Krissy whilst almost knocking out poor Renee who was in the middle of us. GO TEAM PUMPED!!

Starting out I was feeling a little sore in my arms and upper back from my session with Kate yesterday afternoon but it didn’t take too long to shake it out (thankfully). I did the first half of my run in very good time getting closer to the 6min mark (for me) but km’s 4 & 5 took my average back to around the 6:30 per km mark. Must have started out slightly too fast…


Goals for the week

It a day late really but I’ve only just time to print it all off and set a schedule!

Homework from the Boss this week includes lots of reps:
100mins Huffy Puffy (Running/Biking/exercise class etc)
100 Press ups
100 Tricep Dips
100 Aeroplane abs
100 Lunges each leg
100 Dead ants
100 Burpees
100 Step ups
100 Tricep press ups
We have the option of completing the above 1, 2 or 3 times over. I’m going to aim for 3x as there is a coffee voucher up for grabs for those who do so!

Extra homework:
2x pieces of fruit a day
2L of water a day
2x sugar free days
2x plank holds for as long as possible
Set two goals to achieve within the week
Complete 2 jobs you have been procrastinating with 
Send a text/email/message to 2 people you haven’t spoken to this year
Smile everyday 

My goals to achieve this week:
10 Nose to ground press ups (I did 8 yesterday)
Run Harry Ell Track (this was a goal I had last year in the 20 week challenge but was unable to complete due to an injury)

Jobs I’ve been procrastinating with:
Wash my car
Have a clean out any clothes that are too big for me

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