Hill Runs, Birthday shoes and Spikey Balls

Circuit Wednesday night seemed to be more of a killer than normal. Maybe it was because I was already suffering a hint of DOMs – I don’t know! It did seem like we had more sprinting than normal and for a change from the standard circuit class we spent the whole hour outside doing interval training. Most sets that we completed were 20sec high intensity followed by 10sec rest: repeat 4x per exercise.

The two hardest exercises we did? 
#1 – Lunge hops. We did 4 sets per leg, by set 4 of each it was definitely burning!
#2 – Unsure of the correct name, but something like ‘press up crab walks’. Basically we would do a press up and then take one ‘step’ sideways on our hands/feet and repeat down the driveway. Now we only did 4 sets of this; first time was 20 press ups, get up and sprint down the rest of the driveway, jog back and start again (Next three 15, 10 & 5 Press ups). My arms were already sore today so this one pretty much wrote me off, I actually struggled to mash potatoes afterwards HAHA!

Thursday was a bit a busy day with work and I had a dinner out with my family in the evening. I knew I was going to do a run on Friday so I swapped the two days in my training schedule.

Friday was my birthday and I’d actually remembered to take the day off work. I did what any crazy fitness person would do: I started my day with a hill run! I’d been psyching myself up all week to run up Harry Ell Track. It’s only a total of 6km out and back with a gradual elevation of around 120m. I think the steepest part is at the very beginning so once that bit was over it was quite a nice trail. It was a bit of a slow journey up but my goal was to keep going without stopping or walking which I was able to do. HAPPY FACE TIME!


I’ve been feeling a few niggles with my running shoes over the last few weeks and had decided that would be one of my rewards for hitting my January goals with Kate. I achieved all of these before I headed out for my run so it ended up being a quick trip back home  and then it was off to Shoe Clinic I went!

I had a feeling it was going to be a bit of an expensive trip… Previously I’ve only had shoes that were specifically for road running but I’ve been doing a lot more off-road work lately. I went in thinking the last couple of years I’ve had to have the most boringly coloured (mainly light grey with a little pink) shoes in the store because I was rolling inward considerably and needed the stability. I was also aware that these shoes have been discontinued so if that was still my only option I’d have to purchase them again before they ran out and I wasn’t too happy about this. However when I arrive I talked to the salesperson and he decided to fit me from the start again because I was going to try some trail shoes as well. Shoe Clinic have you run barefoot on the treadmill to start off with to determine what type of shoe would suit you best. We noticed at this point I was definitely not rolling in as much as I used to (apparently like with wearing glasses your body can start to fix itself). He got me to try a couple of pairs that were the next step down stability wise, as well as the pair I currently have. I noticed instantly wearing a new pair of my current shoes I could feel the stability in the heel was too much and it was almost over correcting my stride. The pair I tried on that I liked the best was mainly white (not too pleased with this). He remembered I didn’t like the colour of my old ones so he went away and got the new season version of the shoes – blue & yellow. I put them on and instantly said yes I don’t mind paying an extra $40 for the bright colours! So that was road shoes sorted, I went through the same process with some trail shoes – long story short I ended up purchasing TWO pairs of shoes.


Really really happy that I could get nice coloured shoes this time BUT most of my running clothes are currently purple/pink (Such a girl dilemma!) I think this gives me a good excuse to go out soon and purchase some clothing that matches my new shoes 😉

I haven’t tested out my trail shoes yet but I did do an 8km run yesterday in my new road shoes (yes… I know you are supposed to break them in slowly…). I went well overall, kept my average of around 6:30min per km. They feel much lighter than my previously brick shoes so I’m happy!

Today = massage day! Since I moved house it’s now on the other side of town from me but the drive is well worth it. Rachel does such a good job working out any niggles you might have and ensures that any prior issues are still staying away. I got a new toy from her tonight – a spikey ball. I’d never used one of these before but already I can see it will be an essential item at home.


I made a favorite dinner of mine tonight. Let me state that I love pasta. There is something about the carbs that is so tasty but trying to ‘donate weight’ as my PT likes to call it, is not the easiest when you love pasta. I had heard about replacing the pasta with vegetable substitutes, not going to lie – this sounded weird. Anyway i decided to search for some recipes and give it ago. I stumbled upon this one on a Paleo website Zucchini Noodles with Avocado sauce. It was AMAZING! I added fresh chilies to the sauce and the veggie loving, one pot wonder in me stir fried the zucchini along with other vegetables and mixed together with the sauce. I honestly don’t notice the pasta is missing which is a BIG bonus for a pasta lovin’ girl 🙂

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