April Goals and Clumsy Hands…

 My Monday morning started well NOT… I quite often drop my phone on my face when I’m lying down (Yes, I never learn) but this time the corner of it hit me as opposed to it falling flat. It hurt and was I nursing a headache and a lump on my forehead for a couple of days…

I was in the middle of reading this week’s homework from The Boss which I’m looking forward to! I haven’t been up to the St Martins stairs for a couple of months. I’ll probably end up making this Saturday mornings exercise and hopefully there will be a few others who have the same line of thinking! UPDATE: Emily had the same though so a few of us are meeting Saturday morning! For some reason the last few times I’ve been to these stairs I’ve been eaten alive by mosquitoes (normally they don’t touch me!) so I will be purchasing some insect repellent before Saturday!

Monday afternoon I visited a gym to look at membership rates. I do prefer exercising outdoors however this gym also has free fitness classes if you are a member and it works out cheaper if I join rather than paying per spin class elsewhere – plus I have the bonus of being able to use the facilities when the weather isn’t the best!

Tuesday started out well, I had a strength session with Kate and we set my April fitness goal. 28th April is day 1 of the 20 Week Challenge. I really want to be at my ‘end weight’ from last year. This means I’ve got 2.9kg to donate and just under 4 weeks to make it happen!

Getting prepared for the 20 week challenge this week I am focusing on getting back to basics food wise. Making sure I prepare my meals/snacks for work days so I’m not tempted to go buy a scone etc. from the café. Proof of this will be photographed & added to my blog to hold me accountable, plus it will make my blog drool worthy with delicious foods 😀


After work I had a last minute appointment, it took longer than expected and by the time I got home I didn’t seem to have much energy left to do a run 😦

All around this week had been strange, I’ve been way more tired than normal so a few of my planned exercise sessions haven’t happened. I did start taking iron pills about a month ago because I had noticed I was getting more and more tired – it’s not like I wasn’t getting enough sleep or anything. I’d find at least two days in a week I’d come from work or exercise and basically spend the rest of the day/evening on the couch or in bed. The iron pills did seem to make a bit of a difference but it seems that the different is starting to disappear. I have an appointment with my GP tomorrow so as well as discussing some of my bigger running plans with her to make sure I’m all-good to go… I will be mentioning this issue to her.

I got home from a normal day at work yesterday and was feeling so shattered so before circuit class I had a 15min lay on my bed (because I’m one of those people who just can’t get an actual sleeping power nap, I just lay there). This turned into a few hours sleeping and hence circuit didn’t happen…

Anyway I was feeling a bit better after work today and I’d also made Liam promise that no matter what we would do a run tonight. So run we did. It was hard but it felt refreshing.


Lunchtime was spent with this lovely salad..


So how did today go? Check, Check & CHECK!



Tomorrow is reps. I’ve technically had a couple of rest days this week so I really can’t say Friday is my rest day… Plus we have a Pumped breakfast I’m looking forward to, it’s always nice to see people’s progress over the month and catch up with some people I don’t see regularly!

Saturday I’m meeting some lovely pumped ladies at St Martin’s stairs for this week’s homework (Note to self – buy insect repellent before then!).

 Sunday is a 16km run for my half marathon training!



Do you ever drop your phone on your face?

What goals are you aiming to achieve in April?

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