Active Recovery Week

Because of the 20WC I don’t have a lot of spare time however I did decide to take it slightly easier for a couple of days after the race to get my head space sorted for the next goal.

I got some more photos of the race – still waiting for the video though!


Monday I had the day off work; it was a BEAUTIFUL day so I decided to take a walk up the Harry Ell Track. I really enjoy being out in nature, it’s stunning and there is a relaxing and refreshing vibe about it.





As well as getting my head space sorted for my next goals this week is also about playing catch up for last week so I don’t fall behind in my reps/kilometers. Due to some very sore calves earlier last week I didn’t get as much ticked off my list as planned… I HAVE to get my GPS watch back!!

Yesterday was a slightly sad day. I had a good think about my schedule and my 20WC goals and I decided I really need my Wednesday night to tick of extra distance. This means I have decided to put circuit class on hold throughout most of the challenge so last night was my last circuit for a few months. We do have an extra session on a Saturday morning specifically for the Pumped 20 Week entrants so I will be looking forward to that every week as a way of catching up with some of the amazing Pumped people!

Circuit was split this week: first half was 60 second rounds on the stations but afterwards we got into pairs and had to race against each other. Each round comprised of some different reps (eg high knees/squat jumps, running kicks, sit up claps) and then there were punishments ‘prizes’ for the teams depending on how long it took you to finish them.

For example the ‘prize’ for one round was:
1st – 20 press ups
2nd – 40 press ups
3rd – 60 press ups

Needless to say I got quite a few reps ticked off last night and I’m not complaining about that!


Today’s lunch


I always forget about rice paper rolls even though they are one of my favourite foods! Something about the fresh flavours and crispiness makes them super tasty. My brain probably forgets about them because they require a fair amount of preparation. I cooked up the chicken and chopped all the veges last night so all I had to do this morning was put them together – even the assembling of them takes quite a bit of time in itself! Especially when Liam knows what I’m doing and then expects me to make enough for him too…

Tonight I’ll be out for my first run of the week (it sounds weird to say that on a Thursday!) but I’m actually really looking forward to it. Then next week it will be back into speed work on a Tuesday as well.


How do you reset after a big race build up?

Goals for the first 1/4 of the 20 Week Challenge

And we are off!!


Sunday night ‘Team Pumped’ had our meet and greet. Kate made us some cool diaries to keep track of all the information we need.


 I thought a really awesome idea she added in this year was making us write down all our goals every week – keeping them fresh in our minds will only help us smash them!!

It was really fantastic to see a whole heap of people who are new to the 20 Week Challenge, there are a few I hadn’t met before and that means lots of people to get to know during the challenge!

I have a full on 20 weeks ahead of me… My 5 week goals are as follows:
# Complete 500km distance (walking/running/cycling)
# Complete 1250 of each exercise (press ups/burpees/dips/lunges/squat jumps/ABS)
# Complete 50mins of planking
# Complete my first half marathon
# Lose 4.3kg (we like to call this donating – when you ‘lose’ your keys you want to find them, you don’t want to find lost weight!!)
# Daily: Post to my Facebook page & list two things I’m grateful in my diary

Holy moly that list looks scary. Let’s say I like to jump into things??

Day 1:
My freshly cleared gym area was awesome this morning; I got through 50 of each of the above exercises. (Also helped my tick off today’s Pumped homework)
The weather is misbehaving so I wasn’t able to do a walk at lunchtime 😦 I like running in the rain HOWEVER walking in office attire and then sitting in damp clothes for the afternoon is not my idea of fun…
After work I had my first spin class of the challenge, it was also the first one I’ve been to without a buddy – sometimes that in itself is a big thing for me. The instructor mentioned there were quite a few new people and part way through the class he made comments about how all the newbies had to be there for all his classes for at least 4 weeks. I had a laugh when he said he takes Monday evenings and Thursday mornings because those are the two classes I will be attending every week. It’s a sign from Broni I’m sure of it!
I tried coconut water in my smoothie for the first time and it was tasty 🙂

Day 2:
It was one of those mornings for me where you wake up and have this slight feeling you may get sick (Not at the start of the challenge ARGH!). So I popped some cold be gone immunity vitamins and got ready for pre-testing with Kate. Having that feeling in the back of my mind made me struggle a bit with pre-testing but I still did run my fastest 1km to date so pretty happy with that!
I had a massage booked after work to sort any niggles out in time for St Clair – it was awesome! Finished the evening up with some more reps so I can tick them off my weekly amount BAM!


The cool thing about last year’s testing was I didn’t actually see the before & after pictures until awards night. When you see yourself daily in a mirror sometimes it’s harder to see how far you have actually come during the 20 weeks. Those photos last year proved to me how far I had come because for awhile I was feeling like I hadn’t changed, I knew the size of my clothes had gone down and people kept commenting on how good I was looking but part of me still saw the ‘old me’ every time I looked in the mirror. Taking photos today reminded me about this and it make me super excited to see what changes I can make during this year’s challenge!


How do you feel when you first notice a difference in how you look?

For fellow 20 Weeker’s – how did you find your first couple of days?

Running Hi-Fives could easily end badly…

Today I had a 6km run on my schedule. Some of the Pumped group were meeting at the park for a time trial run but I had agreed to help a friend move house tonight so I had to be at the park a little bit earlier. Little disappointed I missed out on doing a run with everyone but hopefully it will happen on a regular basis! I ended up running the opposite way to them all near the end of my run they started passing, got a high five from Krissy whilst almost knocking out poor Renee who was in the middle of us. GO TEAM PUMPED!!

Starting out I was feeling a little sore in my arms and upper back from my session with Kate yesterday afternoon but it didn’t take too long to shake it out (thankfully). I did the first half of my run in very good time getting closer to the 6min mark (for me) but km’s 4 & 5 took my average back to around the 6:30 per km mark. Must have started out slightly too fast…


Goals for the week

It a day late really but I’ve only just time to print it all off and set a schedule!

Homework from the Boss this week includes lots of reps:
100mins Huffy Puffy (Running/Biking/exercise class etc)
100 Press ups
100 Tricep Dips
100 Aeroplane abs
100 Lunges each leg
100 Dead ants
100 Burpees
100 Step ups
100 Tricep press ups
We have the option of completing the above 1, 2 or 3 times over. I’m going to aim for 3x as there is a coffee voucher up for grabs for those who do so!

Extra homework:
2x pieces of fruit a day
2L of water a day
2x sugar free days
2x plank holds for as long as possible
Set two goals to achieve within the week
Complete 2 jobs you have been procrastinating with 
Send a text/email/message to 2 people you haven’t spoken to this year
Smile everyday 

My goals to achieve this week:
10 Nose to ground press ups (I did 8 yesterday)
Run Harry Ell Track (this was a goal I had last year in the 20 week challenge but was unable to complete due to an injury)

Jobs I’ve been procrastinating with:
Wash my car
Have a clean out any clothes that are too big for me

Note to self: PT then Boxing = Sleepy me

Yesterday’s run was the hardest one I’ve come across in a long time… I seriously got to the 1km mark and lost all motivation. Luckily Liam was with me, he told me to keep going and reminded me of my goal to run 5km again by yesterday AND my ugly consequence of 200 burpees if I didn’t achieve it on time. So all I did while I was hating myself for still running was think about my consequence, my mind was replaying over and over “200 burpees, 200 burpees, you got this! Or you have to do 200 burpees”. It took almost the next 3km to get my thinking back on the right track and I was then able to pick up my pace and really enjoyed the last km.

The bonus of finishing my run yesterday was realising that I’d also achieved my time goal of a 5km in under 32.5mins. About half way around because I was struggling I had decided to focus on finishing rather than doing the fastest time I’ve ever done so to get both – I was pretty amazing!


I was also able to tick off a 2min plank again – next goal is 4mins 🙂

Today was PT with Kate, it was the first time in ages that I’d done a session after work rather than first thing in the morning so my routine was put out a wee bit but it was still a fantastic workout nevertheless! Similar session to last week but I only did Leg Press & Lat Pull (no Bench Press). She decided it would be ‘fun’ to do reps in sets of 100 today, at least to start with – phewf!

After my PT session Kate has a group boxing class – she wasn’t quite sure who was actually turning up so she asked me to be her back up boxer if she had an uneven number. I must have agreed to this at the start of my last PT rather than at the end when my arms were already dead… It was an uneven number so I had 10mins to rest & hydrate before an hour of boxing.

I actually felt pretty good through most of the boxing class and meet a couple of new people which is always nice. Two hours later however I’m pretty tired and ready for an early night…

Goal Setting & Preperation

My partner Liam and I set up our spare room as a gym the other night, mostly old equipment in there currently but we’re hoping to add a bench and some weights shortly. I have written down my goals for the next few months (up to running my first Half Marathon) and have placed them on my motivation board along with some new motivational quotes. Having my goals and positive words up on a wall that I see every day is something that really helped me through the 20 Week Challenge I did last year and to be honest I haven’t been using it very much lately – got to get back into it!


Kate (my PT) gave all her clients some Christmas homework to try to complete over these couple of weeks, after todays home gym circuit I’m pleased to say I only have a couple left (a hill track & a circuit) which I will be doing tomorrow, the circuit will be with a group of awesome ladies from Pumped.

For me this week, my biggest challenge has been getting out the door and back into routines I had sorted a few months ago. Moving in with Liam a couple of months ago was a big change for me and I found I easily started to get out of my early morning routine. I’d then think too much about my afternoon exercise during the day and it was harder and harder to get things done. This makes me think back to a quote I had to come up with during the 100 Day Challenge which is basically bit from a couple of my favorite quote merged together.

“Don’t think, just put your damn gear on and go for it”

A part of today was spent preparing for the new working year, I made up some more muesli and did some work in my new vege garden (I was pretty excited to plant my spinach seeds – my favorite leafy green!)